Track Your To-Do Lists On A Timeline

Getting stuck in Evernote task management? Tired of tagging with dates? Why not try a more intuitive way to manage your daily work tasks.

Why Another Todo App?

As a maker & startup cofounder, I use to create several to-do lists every week in Evernote. But it’s getting messy over time. It’s hard to see what is missing and the progress of my overall objective.

Why should you try TimeList?

  • A better way to handle your daily work planning
  • Avoid over-planning. Focus on your work
  • Growth mindset - Always try to achieve more for the day
  • Sense of achievement

Our Features

Features helping you stay productive every single day

Manage tasks on a timeline

Organize your daily tasks on a timeline. Focus on your daily work.

Simple & distraction-free

Less is more. Separate your notes & documents from your works. Focus on finishing your tasks.

Check your performance of the week

Toggle to check your performance with 1 click. Check how much you’ve done in the week.

Team (Coming Soon!)

Replace daily stand-up meetings with our timeline. Easily check how your team is performing, whether it’s remote or in office. Some coworkers just don't like to repeat what they're working on for the week!

Pricing Table

We're pre-selling the paid plan at 70% off! It will go up to the original listed price ($48 / year) when it's officially launched. No worries. You'll be charged when it's actually finished!

$14.99 / y


  • 1 user
  • Max. 200 MB storage
  • Priority email support
  • More style allowed
  • Share your TimeList with a link
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Feel free to contact us if your questions are not addressed below:

What is TimeList?

TimeList is a to-do list app where you can pin your tasks on a timeline.

Why did you develop TimeList?

Since I am solo bootstrapping, I want every day to be productive and my daily tasks will align with my overall objective. Also, my Evernote is messy with to-do lists. Hope it can be cleared with TimeList.

Do you have a launch plan?

Yes, we plan to get 10 - 20 pre-orders by the end of 2018. After that, we will develop the basic and paid version for our backers. We expect the basic and paid version can be finished by 3 - 4 months.

Who are you?

I am Benny Chan and my company is called SillyCube Technology Ltd. Since 2009 we have been providing mobile apps and website development in Hong Kong. Now, I am pivoting the company to be product-based.

You can contact me via I’d love to hear from you! ;-)

What problem are you solving?

Most to-do list apps don’t organize your tasks by time. TimeList organizes your tasks by date. Also, I don’t want over-planning because I want to get my work done. There is really no time to do shit.

What are the new features?

Some features in my plan (Not in a particular order):

  1. integration with Evernote
  2. sharing a timeline with a link
  3. #hashtag in each to-do list item
  4. timeline with other team members
  5. milestone

You can email us via Let us know what features you’re interested!

Can I make a pre-order?

Yes, please refer to our pricing plans for more details! We need your support to move forward. 💪🏽🔥

We'll be working with you and other backers to finish it up and personalize it as much as possible for you!